Attract Money Now 2.0

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About this course

Let's get started! This course begins with an assessment of our own personal beliefs and perceived realities. Remember that this is a belief-driven universe.

Changing what you believe is changing your reality. Do you know your own beliefs? Are you making the right changes to improve your perception of your life?

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Course Structure


Introduction 2 Lessons

Joe Vitale Introduction

Let's get started! This course begins with an assessment of our own personal beliefs and perceived realities. Remember that this is a belief-driven universe.

Changing what you believe is changing your reality. Do you know your own beliefs? Are you making the right changes to improve your perception of your life?

Adam Mortimer Introduction

Changing your core beliefs requires you to trust the process. Some of our strongest beliefs stem out from our unconscious mind. Adam Mortimer sums up some of the techniques and strategies that you’ll learn in this program. Sounds exciting? We can’t wait to see your transformation!

Lesson 1: The Power Of The Subconscious Mind 3 Lessons

Joe Vitale Lesson 1 Introduction

It’s time to dive deep and understand the power of your conscious and subconscious mind. What are your self-limiting beliefs rooted in your subconscious? Dr. Joe discusses the differences between both states and some ways to access it.

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

What exactly is the subconscious mind? Know that the mind holds the key in all the success you can possibly enjoy in life. Adam Mortimer discusses the formula of what drives your behavior and how emotions fuel your thoughts.

Quantum Meditation: Supercharge Your Mind

Accelerate your money manifesting skills using this meditation. It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. Remember to release your body tension and muscles as you access the center of your mind.

Lesson 2: The Alpha State 4 Lessons

Joe Vitale Lesson 2 Introduction

Where do ideas come from? How do you access ideas that will potentially drive you to success? Here are some of the questions raised by Joe Vitale as he introduces the Alpha State.

What Is Alpha

What are the different levels of the mind? How do you get into the empowering state? Adam Mortimer talks about the ways you can induce the Alpha State and why it is the best mental state to reprogram your mind.

Alpha Practice Session

It's time to practice getting in your Alpha State! Relax and get in the flow of creativity in this exercise.

Quantum Money Meditation

Start attracting more wealth in your life using this meditation. Reach significant success and abundance as you practice our Quantum Money Meditation on a daily basis. Remember that anything we set our mind to, we can achieve. This is one secret of the mind that can alter your current state of reality and change your life forever.

Lesson 3: Clearing Limiting Beliefs 16 Lessons

Joe Vitale Lesson 3 Introduction

Your decisions in life are based on your set of beliefs. If you change your beliefs and move in the direction you want, you have the ability to accelerate your success.

What is a Limiting Belief?

Are some of your beliefs pulling you away from your dreams and desires? It is important to identify and erase your self-imposed limitations. 

How to Clear Limiting Beliefs

Adam Mortimer discusses 3 ways you can clear your limiting beliefs. It is important to keep an open mind when adopting these clearing methods so you can fully reap the benefits of the  process.

Steps to Clear Limiting Beliefs

Clearing Limiting Beliefs is about detaching your emotions from the belief. Emotions are a key driver of human behavior.


Ho-oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique that produced miracles for a vast number of people. The technique holds a great power even if it comprises only 4 common phrases we often use in our daily lives.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Commonly referred to as “tapping”, EFT is a great tool for people who are more touch oriented or kinesthetic.Practice it over and over again and watch how your emotions go down until you are fully detached from it. 

TV Clearing Method – by Miracles Coach Steve Gardner

Listen to Coach Steve's voice and get guided as you control your breathing. Let this exercise help you listen more closely to the thoughts of your conscious and subconscious mind.

Whiteboard Clearing Method – by Miracles Coach Steve Gardner

Another good way to get rid of negative limiting beliefs is writing it down on a whiteboard. With deep breathing exercises, you allow that energy to just dissolve.

Burning Paper Clearing Method – by Miracles Coach Steve Gardner

Get in a relaxed state and stay focused on your breathing. Coach Steve will guide you in identifying your limiting beliefs and how to let them out of your system.

Wise Man Meditation– by Miracles Coach Adam Mortimer

The Wise Man Meditation is another exercise on how you can identify your limiting beliefs. Pay close attention to your emotions at the moment, and remember this equation: imagination + belief = emotion. 

List of Common Limiting Beliefs Exercise

Here is a list of some of the most common limiting beliefs on money. Go through the list, rate each limiting belief on a scale from 0 - 10, and then use the clearing methods taught in the meditations to clear on each one of these limiting beliefs.

Clear Your Limiting Beliefs in 5 Minutes – by Miracles Coach Adam Mortimer

In just 5 minutes, clear yourself from any unconscious limiting beliefs. Using a combination of powerful techniques, get rid of negative energy and start the clearing process right now!

Ho’oponopono – A Closer Look – by Miracles Coach Steve Gardner

One of the simplest yet most profound techniques out there, Ho’oponopono is an auditory technique anyone can use. This can be used for self actualization, healing and clearing beliefs. It is also used as an alternative for dispute resolution and family counselling.

The River Clearing Method – by Miracles Coach Gwen Eby

This is another powerful clearing technique, especially when used as the final clearing technique, as our minds often pull us into thoughts streams, like rushing rivers.

The 3 Categories of Limiting Beliefs – by Miracles Coach Janeen Detrick

With so many thoughts processed by both your conscious and subconscious mind, you might think you have tons of negative limiting beliefs. However, that may not be necessarily the case as there are only 3 categories of limiting beliefs.

How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs – by Miracles Coach Janeen Detrick

Examine how you can uncover the beliefs that have been holding you back. Pay close attention to your judgments… Are they driven by fear? Don't be afraid; be authentic with yourself.

Lesson 4: Visualization 4 Lessons


Your Vision - Probably the most important session of the course, this process will get you closer to what you want. Follow the 4 steps in this video.

Vision Board

Your Vision Board - Create your own Vision Board in just 5 minutes


Your Script - Craft a powerful script to rapidly reprogram your mind in 21 days

Lesson 5: Setting Value-Based Goals 7 Lessons

Lesson 6: Physiology 3 Lessons

Joe Vitale Lesson 6 Introduction

Learn simple techniques that can override your “dumb brain” and positively influence people in your life.

Physiology & Breathing

What is the best way to breathe and what is its huge effect on entire body?

Body Posture and Power Pose – by Miracles Coach Madeline Bracken

How to change your body in order to change your mind

Audio: Body Posture and Power Pose - Learn to achieve a “high-power body posture” to improve your presence and to lower your stre


1 - Modeling Success 2 Lessons

Modeling Success (Audio) – by Miracles Coach Adam Mortimer

How do you shorten the learning curve of becoming successful?  The goal of this session is to understand and find out how successful people think at the scientific level.

2 - The Courage to Start 2 Lessons

The Courage to Start (Audio) – by Miracles Coach Ella McNeil

Human beings are blessed with minds capable of doing great things.  However, fear comes into play in every adventure that we undertake in our lives.  In most cases, such fear render us paralyzed—we cannot move because we are afraid.

3 - Dealing with Money Fears 2 Lessons

Dealing with Money Fears (Audio) – by Miracles Coach Gil McIff

Why are you here? What are your issues surrounding the topic of money? Do you feel like you do not deserve more money, that you are not good enough to have more money?

4- Leveraging Your Network 2 Lessons

Leveraging Your Network (Audio) – by Miracles Coach Madeline Bracken

You will be surprised how powerful connections are and how creating a network of friends will lead to your own success in business or just any aspect of your life.

6 - Persistence + Failure = Success 2 Lessons

Persistence + Failure = Success – by Miracles Coach Adam Mortimer

What is the equation of success? Have you ever heard of the words “persistent failures”? We see how successful some people are as if luck just landed on their laps. What is not being shown is the backstory, of how many times they fell, and how many times they pulled themselves back up.

7 - Taking Inspired Action 2 Lessons

Taking Inspired Action – by Miracles Coach Adam Mortimer

What are you excited about? What inspires you? What are you most grateful for?

8 - Claim Your Power to Drive Your Destiny 2 Lessons

Claim Your Power to Drive Your Destiny – by Miracles Coach Ella McNeil

What are the roadblocks have you encountered as you reach for your dreams and have them materialized? You need to believe in your destiny.

9 - Effective Communication Seek First to Understand 2 Lessons

Effective Communication Seek First to Understand – by Miracles Coach Gil McIff

When is communication really effective? People want to be understood, especially when the subject of the communication is something very important.

10 -Becoming a Leader that Others Want to Follow 2 Lessons


Financial Planning Section 10 Lessons

A New Fiscal Beginning

Use this course to lift you out of the sea of financial misery and place you in a lifeboat that is heading towards financial freedom.

Cash Flow Management

  1. Efficiently track your household cash flow for less stress and more discipline
  2. Adopt a millionaire mentality and implement it every day
  3. Reduce leaks in your cash flow by using the “Flow of Money” and the “Spending Compass”
  4. Techniques for smarter shopping and more savings
  5. Increase your cash flow through new streams of income

Credit & Debt

  1. The importance of establishing and maintaining good credit
  2. The mechanics of Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs)
  3. How to dispute errors on credit reports
  4. How to develop the habit of improving your credit score

Debt Elimination

  1. Know the factors that determine wealth and net worth
  2. Identify debt service on home mortgages
  3. The difference between debt elimination and saving first
  4. Become debt-free through a personal debt elimination plan
  5. Learn the basic methodology of accelerated debt elimination

Estate & Asset Protection

  1. The purpose of a Last Will and Testament
  2. Learn the probate process and how to avoid it
  3. The purpose of a Living Will and a Durable Power of Attorney
  4. Strategies you can use to pay for estate costs

Goals & Financial Vision

  1. Why you should have a detailed mental vision of your personal future
  2. Create your Personal Future-Mapping Notebook
  3. Create your Personal Financial Vision Statement

Individual Tax Planning

  1. The difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion
  2. How to defer taxes
  3. Why it is important to have a Home-Based Business
  4. Understand how tax professionals and advisors can help you manage your finances

Managing Risk & Insurance

  1. What is risk and how can you manage it
  2. Various types of insurance that one should typically carry and the basic concepts behind them so you can make a well-informed choice
  3. The advantages of transferring risk for long-term care
  4. Create and maintain your Personal Risk Management Plan

Retirement Planning

  1. Understand the various tax-sheltered investment accounts, mutual funds, asset allocation, and dollar cost averaging
  2. What is The Rule of 72
  3. Define your own Personal Asset Allocation strategy

Statement Analyses

  1. How to analyze personal finances using financial statements
  2. Create and analyze your personal income statements, income statements, cash flow management, and personal financial ratios from personal financial statements.
  3. How to plan your statements and ratios to plan your personal finances
4 Lessons

Elective: Short Audio Lessons

Audio from “Knowledge Worth Knowing” podcast - Listen in as the host shares his daily schedule that can help you accomplish more of what matters to you, spend more quality time with the people you care about the most, and make a difference. Includes the essential keys to making your schedule actually work for you, and an effective technique for completing your most important tasks for the day.
3 Lessons

Bonus Section

This section contains three separate interviews in 2018 with “Mr. Fire” Dr. Joe Vitale, a renowned best-selling author, musician, and law of attraction expert best known for his appearance in the movie “The Secret.” Here’s what you can expect to learn from listening to his interviews:

Miracles Coaching Conference 1

  1. Some of Dr. Vitale’s profound takeaways from his experiences with Osho (Rajneesh, also known as Acharya Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), an Indian spiritual guru and philosopher
  2. The best method for staying present
  3. His favorite quick mood-changer
  4. What it means to have inner struggle, even after everything you’ve learned/taught
  5. How to let “the little things” go
  6. Suggestions for a great night’s sleep
  7. Reading other people’s energy vs. being sensitive to your own energy
  8. The first steps you can start taking right away to get some momentum under your feet with whatever project you’re trying to manifest
  9. How students of spiritual teachings can influence their family members that resist such ideas

Miracles Coaching Conference 2

  1. The number one thing that actually stops people from getting to where they want to go in their life and their goals
  2. The number one limiting belief Dr. Vitale sees from people he coaches Dr. Vitale’s takes on mistakes
  3. 3 ways that rich people think differently
  4. Determination vs. passion in the law of attraction
  5. How to keep momentum going after you’ve experienced something miraculous
  6. Some good first steps in order to get straight to work when you get some inspiration flowing to you
  7. How to stay positive when what you want doesn’t come into fruition
  8. Overcoming allergies through the power of suggestion and intention

Miracles Coaching Conference 3

  1.  How to manifest the miracle you want and how to improve your ability to attract more. Discussion includes:
    • Pre-paving your life
    • Creating a Vision Board 
    • Why manifesting for somebody else is easy
  2. Manifesting small things first or going for the big things -- which should you do first?
  3. Can we ever be completely free of limiting beliefs?
  4. What letting go (part of the 5-step law of attraction process) really means
  5. Top 3-5 character traits that can bring success and happiness into your life (includes what billionaires all have in common)
  6. The best ways to align yourself with your core values and to be authentic
  7. The difference that self-awareness makes in your life
  8. The main characteristic that all leaders should possess
  9. What to do when manifesting seems to be taking slow
  10. Dr. Vitale’s favorite clearing tool
  11. Why prayers work (includes a 3-step formula)