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Awaken The Millionaire

You have the power to break the chains that are holding you back from achieving the freedom, the life you desire, from your life mission. You can have, do or be whatever you can imagine. The awakened millionaire is a person that lives an abundant life both materially and spiritually. Too many of us focus on one or the other, but this doesn’t have to be your case. You can be a spiritual person having this material experience. Money is not evil, what you need to have is to build a solid spiritual grounding as you use money to express your dreams.

As an awakened millionaire, Dr. Joe Vitale shares with us his 8 principles of money:

1. Money loves Freedom

Money has no beliefs about you. You have beliefs about money. Money likes to go where it is welcomed. Your beliefs about money are filters that block you from manifesting wealth.

2. Money loves Speed

Treat all ideas you have that bring you wealth as a gift from the universe. Act on the idea as fast as possible. Make sure to act on the idea as you ride in the excitement to get it done.

3. Money loves Appreciation

Rather than hating your bills, you can shift your mindset to appreciating your resources. When paying for your mortgage, be thankful you have a house. The same mindset goes to things you are paying for that make your life comfortable. 

4. Money loves Attention

Do you have that relationship with money? Understand that money likes attention, wants to be respected, to be heard, to be noticed. You are in a relationship with money.

5. Money loves Energy

The happier you are and the healthier you are, the more you can attract money. Money likes energy, your energy. So if you don’t have the energy to pursue your dreams then you won’t be able to attract the wealth you desire. 

6. Money loves to Circulate

Practice prosperous spending, that is when you have the desire to purchase and you have the money for it you must buy it. Because when you don’t, you are enforcing the signal of lack, limitations and poverty in your being, and you are sending out a signal to the universe that your money won’t be able to come back.

7. Money loves Respect

Instead of thinking “Money is the root of all evil”, the original bible text actually says “The love of money is the root of all evil”. This is different from respecting money. It is neutral and not in itself evil, corrupt or bad.

8. Money loves Mission

Walt Disney once said, I want to make money on my movies so I can continue making movies. Money likes it when you have a noble purpose, when you’re going for your soul mission.


With all these laws and exercises it’s important to have a visual reminder of a new you. When you go home, rearrange your furniture, paint your wall or do some changes to welcome who you are becoming. Reinforce being the awakened millionaire. 

How to Build Wealth

Joe Vitale suggests two ways of defining wealth. One is that wealth is an abundance of life itself. Everything around you is a manifestation of this concept. Nature that is vibrant and full of life, is also abundant in every way. It is a gift, and humans are born into this world with all of these already around us.

The other definition is what most of us think what wealth is all about. That is, having plenty of cash and high purchasing power. It is having enough money to do what you want to do at the time you want to do it. When you have the mindset of poverty, scarcity and victimhood, it is difficult to appreciate and adopt an abundant mindset.

What are some of your beliefs that are blocking you from achieving wealth? You have to be able to identify what those beliefs are and take action in changing it. Staying in your current mindset makes you push money away, hinders you from identifying opportunities or worse makes you see money as evil.

The first step is to make peace with your beliefs about money and understand that you deserve it. Neutralize your beliefs about money, make yourself available, and become a good recipient of money. Do you see wealthy people as greedy, corrupt or manipulative? Where did those beliefs come from? Realize that societal programming through the media, social relationships and environment have played a huge part in influencing those beliefs. Remember that your only limitations are the ones that you set for yourself. 

5 Ways to Attract Money

1. Give yourself a break

In the past, Joe Vitale struggled to make ends meet. He starved, lost his job, went through financially tough times and suffered numerous setbacks.

At some point, he had to stop and forgive himself and realize that he’s doing the best he can to face his ordeal. This is something that you can exercise and do for yourself. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to give yourself a break. Forgive, let go, and grow. If you carry around the past, you won’t be able to create the future you want.

2. Hypnosis, a cultural trance

Hypnosis is a powerful tool. All of us are in a cultural trance. We all carry a mindset, a belief system that’s been installed from childhood. We adopt all of these beliefs from our families, school systems, the media and the government, and these beliefs may not even be necessarily true.

For instance, if you grew up with a victim mindset, you need to change this into an empowered mindset, and then you then attract more money in your life.

3. The smallest gesture you do can actually carry the greatest weight

Appreciate your own intuition, act on your own inner nudges and trust that where it leads you can actually be something profound or rewarding. The small actions you take right now can potentially be a lever for you to attract wealth.

4. It’s all about appreciation

When you appreciate what you have, you will receive more. When you express gratitude, you actually increase your vibrational signal to attract more things to be grateful for.

5. Don’t lean on the past. Learn from it and move on

Learn from your experience. When things don’t work out, you may perceive it as a failure. But if you see failure as an opportunity to do something different, you can learn from it and move forward. The past is a good way for you to learn, and it is important not to get attached to it.

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